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Dear Visitor: presents here a wealth of information about U.S. Colleges and their Freshmen Admission Policies.  We also have many tips on filling out the college applications, writing the application essays, getting recommendation letters, and points on interviews. 

We are a totally independent private entity.  We are not associated or affiliated with, nor sponsored, or endorsed, or supported by any private, public, governmental, or clandestine organizations. Several organizations from the Associated Press to various Newspapers and Magazines both in USA and Worldwide, from Yahoo and Google to Lycos and several High School Handbooks and Yearbooks, have written about us or listed us from 1999 onwards to the present.  See   Press Reports, News Articles, and Listings's web site is the only place where we present and distribute the information gathered, so as to make it accessible and FREE to any individual interested in applying to colleges in USA for said individual's personal use.  The survey questions were gathered over the past several years from numerous students applying for undergraduate admission to various colleges across USA and their concerned parents.

We want the individual colleges providing the information on the survey about their respective institutions and their programs, instead of third parties.  The information the colleges gave is presented verbatim at the web site.

The SURVEY was compiled from the Answers, to's "College Freshmen Admission Policy Questionnaire", provided by the respective Institutions about their Freshmen College Admission entrance policies to  This data is compiled and presented here for Freshmen College Applicants to avail themselves of this information when they are preparing to apply for freshmen admission to various colleges in the USA.  The information is displayed at our web site:, and is accessible and FREE to any individual interested in applying to colleges in USA for said individual's personal use.  No other use - for commercial or any other purpose - is permitted without the express written consent of 

The said Questionnaire was sent to the Colleges in the United States addressed to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies/Director of Admissions; and all the Colleges that submitted the Answers to the Questionnaire are posted at this site.  If answers are missing to some questions, that means the respective College did not provide the answers to those questions in the Survey Questionnaire.  If any College wants to amend the information it gave for the said Questionnaire, please contact us at

If any College finds that it is omitted on any of our College Lists, please contact us at with the name, address, phone, and e-mail address of the Dean /Director of Admissions; and upon receiving the said information, BestSchoolsUSA will send them the Questionnaire for completing the Survey Online.  Once the survey is completed by the College, all lists will be subsequently updated. 

Disclaimer:  Any information provided herein is obtained from sources deemed reliable and is not warranted. is not responsible for misstatements of facts, errors, omissions, or changes in information without notice.  The information given here should not be construed or interpreted as any form of advice, or recommendation, or endorsement.  This is provided for purely information purposes only. 

WE WISH THE BEST FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS VISITING OUR SITE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN APPLYING TO COLLEGES ACROSS THE USA.  We hope that you find that the information you gathered here has been beneficial to you in your pursuit of admission to one of the Colleges in USA.  Thank you for visiting our web site and for your interest, and we wish you the best.

For comments, please contact us.

Thanking You.               June 28, 1999.          Revised August 17, 2003  

Copyright 1998- All Rights Reserved.

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