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The Interview

Dear Student:
Are you getting nervous about the college interview?   Don't be, just relax and read the tips we have given below.  You may come out of your inteview with flying colors. 

First of all check BestSchoolsUSA's site College Survey, Question # 56, to see if an interview is necessary, advisable, who conducts it, etc.   The interview, while not as crucial as the application, can be the factor that can tip the scales in your favor.  Don't be nervous, with our tips you'll be prepared. 

Don't go into the interview unprepared.  Unprepared you ask?  How can I possibly prepare for an interview!!  Well, you can.  You need to know yourself and the college you're applying to very well.  While at the interview, express many serious reasons you want to attend the school.  Don't mention humorous things such as, "I hear you have the best parties at your school."  Always bring a copy of your transcipt just in case you're asked for it.

Never be late, in fact, be a few minutes early.  At the same time, don't arrive 30 minutes early either.  Be courteous to everyone, including the secretaries.   Dress appropriately, don't come in a shorts and a t-shirt, and at the same time, don't come in a Tuxedo.  Shirt and tie is great attire for interviews (looks appropriate and is comfortable).  Don't bring your parents along to the interview.   It is okay if they drive you there, but have them wait in the lobby or some other waiting area or better yet, have them pick you up.  Sit only when you are asked to.   Don't fool around with any of the objects in the room.  This is not the time to be chewing gum, leave that for some other time.  Always maintain good eye contact and always have good posture.  Smile, and be pleasant.  Shake hands firmly (People are always impressed with this).  Try to eliminate the use of "like", "you know", and "um."  Don't give one word answers, explain thoroughly.  Try to make the dialogue flow smoothly.  Talking to the interviewer should be like talking to any other respectful person.  Use "Mam" and "Sir."  Be social, try and carry on some of the conversation, do your fair share of the talking.  Don't say you don't enjoy reading or studying, as that is what you will be doing a lot of in college.  Don't say you like reading supermarket tabloids either, because that is hardly literature. 

Don't ask boring questions that are in the school's brochure.  If you're interested in an activity, do express your interest, but don't boast about it too much.  Don't talk about your famous friends and family, this interview is about you, not them.   Don't argue over current events.  If you don't know something, don't pretend to.  This interview is about you, not the interviewer, don't question them on their whole life.  Don't say you're going to college to make money or because your dad wants you to.  Do have good reasons to go to the school.   

If you are doing multiple interviews, do the interviews to the schools you want to get into least first, because this will give you valuable experience for the interview for the school you want to attend the most.

End the interview with a "thank you for your time," and finish it with a firm handshake, a smile, and good eye contact.

Send a thank you card to the interviewer for the time they spent.


1.   Why our school?

2.   Why are you and this school right for each other?

3.   Which school is your first choice?

4.   What are you majoring in and why?

5.   What are you plans for the future?

6.   What do you hope to do after school?

7.   What was good/bad about your high school?

8.   What would you like to tell us about yourself?

9.   What periodicals do you read?

10.   What books have you read recently?

11.   Tell us about your family?

12.   What are you favorite activities?

13.   Who are your heroes?

14.   What are you strengths/weaknesses?

15.   How would someone else describe you?

16.   What events have made a huge impact in your life?

17.   What is the biggest contribution you have made to your community?

18.   What is the most important thing you have learned in high school/life? 

After the interview, if you think that your interview went poorly, or that the interviewer exhibited a bad attitude or was in a bad mood; you may be able to obtain a second interview with another person.  To do so, you should immediately contact the admissions' office stating your reasons (such as that you think it went quite poorly, you are not satisfied , etc.).  Request that you be afforded another chance with a different individual. 

 We here at hope that these tips have helped you on the interview. Good luck!  IT ONLY GETS BETTER!!!  

PLEASE NOTE:  This information is presented here for Freshmen College Applicants to avail themselves of this material when they are preparing to apply for freshmen admission to various colleges in the USA.  The information is displayed at this web site: accessible and FREE to any individual interested in applying to colleges in USA for said individual's personal use.  No other use - for commercial or any other purpose - is permitted without the express written consent of 

For comments, please contact us.                June 1, 1999.    

Copyright 1998- All Rights Reserved.          

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