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Dear Visitor:
We are a totally independent private entity.  We are not associated or affiliated with, nor sponsored, or endorsed, or supported by any private, public, governmental, or clandestine organizations. 

We want the individual colleges providing the information on the survey about their respective institutions and their programs, instead of third parties. 

Out of thousands of colleges we sent out the invitation to answer the Questionnaire, a handful were apprehensive about the "rating".  We had clearly stated in our letter to all the Colleges and on our web site that "Based on the replies and tabulations, all schools MAY also be rated and presented at the web site."  We never made a final decision whether to rate or not, but only considered rating since many people around the country thought the present systems were unfair.  However, if many colleges (say, a couple of hundred; which would constitute only a very small minority) express their concern about a rating system, then will not rate the colleges.

Besides, if an independent authority/entity wants to rate all the schools on a fair basis, the said authority will have to have first hand knowledge of each of the institutions.  For that to happen they have to physically go and stay for a period of time at each school and investigate for themselves, which would be impossible.  When rating colleges, another important factor that has to be taken into account is the number of classes that are taught by graduate students. 

We expect, as do most people in this country and around the world, for Educators and School Administrators to be much more forthcoming, honest, sincere, fair, and objective than the business community as a whole.  We are hoping for the best, especially since the school authorities know their institutions better than anyone else.

Therefore, we asked the Colleges and Universities themselves to rate their schools and degree programs and areas of study on a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being the best and 10 the worst).  Many have kindly done so in their answers to our Survey Questions #14 and #15, and you may find their response at College Survey.

Thanking You.                   

Because of the difficulty associated with formulating a fair rating criteria, and investigating, evaluating, compiling, and presenting such rating data accurately, BestSchoolsUSA has decided not to rate any of the colleges.  Further, by rating, BestSchoolsUSA believes that it would change the student's opinion and hinder a student's decision to select the best school.  We here at BestSchoolsUSA feel that the best advice that can be given to aspiring students is that they decide for themselves what colleges best fit their needs.   BestSchoolsUSA    March 25, 2000.                July 13, 1999.               Revised March 25, 2005.

Copyright 1998- All Rights Reserved.


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